All You Need Is Love and Jelly Belly jelly beans

Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes













Going to the effort of baking for someone is a lovey way to say I love you. Jelly Belly has created some beautiful and scrumptious cupcakes that are very simple to make and are perfect for Valentine's Day. Instead of buttercream they are decorated with a fresh mascarpone cream, flavoured with strawberry jam (out of season strawberries are not worth eating) and decorated with crushed meringue shells and romantic pink Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Belly Beans. Perfect for lovers!


Jelly Belly Jelly beans are free-from fat, wheat, gluten, gelatine, dairy and peanuts. Each one contains just 4 calories and they are suitable for vegetarians. They carry OU Kosher certification and are Halal compliant. Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in all the best confectionery shops and department stores as well as Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury. The full range is available at