BeanBoozled Jumbo Spinner is on the Christmas Most Wanted List!

Toy store Hamleys predicted its 10 Christmas best sellers last week, and the recently launched  4th Edition Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jumbo Spinner was among them.   Predictably this unleashed a buying frenzy, leaving retailers scrambling to replenish their BeanBoozled stocks, already in high demand for Halloween. The phenomenon of the BeanBoozled Challenge which has generated more than 1.5 million YouTube videos, is growing daily because it creates unprecedented family fun.

Quite simply, BeanBoozled is the joke that never stops being funny, no matter how many times it is told.


BeanBoozled jelly beans are a collection of look-alike flavours. Some are so crazy they are not to be believed, while others are the wonderful Jelly Belly beans everyone knows and loves. Delectable Chocolate Pudding is paired with the unspeakable Dog Food. Yummy Peach looks identical to the truly horrid Vomit. Good or gag? Either way, they really do taste shockingly authentic and every bite is an exercise in candy Russian Roulette. The BeanBoozled 4th Edition line introduces two new flavour pairings to the wild mix. Dead Fish is partnered with Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Spoiled Milk with Coconut!



This is the full 4th Edition flavour line up:

  • Stinky Socks Tutti Fruitti
  • Lawn Clippings Lime
  • Rotten Egg Buttered Popcorn
  • Toothpaste Berry Blue
  • Barf Peach
  • Canned Dog Food Chocolate Pudding
  • Booger Juicy Pear
  • Spoiled Milk Coconut
  • Mouldy Cheese Caramel Corn
  • Dead Fish Strawberry Banana Smoothie


The Jelly Belly BeanBoozled 4th Edition Jumbo Spinner 357g   RRP £23.50.  The gift box  comes with an oversized spinner, providing endless hours of fun, and 45 pyramid bags.  Available from leading department stores and independent sweet shops.  Telephone 0800 018 4416 for nearest stockist. Also available from

All Jelly Belly jelly beans are free from fat, wheat, gluten, dairy and gelatine. Each bean contains just 4 calories each, they are suitable for vegetarians and certified OU Kosher.