Flip Over Our Jelly Belly Pancakes!

Jelly Belly Pancakes

Anyone can make a pancake pretty much, but not everyone can flip a pancake so it looks like one. Often (mostly) they end up looking like a lump of something unpleasant and inedible. Which completely misses the point of a pancake which has to be beautiful, thereby making it even more delicious. For those who want to impress on Pancake Day, Jelly Belly recommends two scrumptious recipes. Follow the batter, recipe to the letter,  master the art of flipping, and then add the Jelly Belly joy.

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Jelly Belly Jelly beans are free-from fat, wheat, gluten, gelatine, dairy and peanuts. Each one contains just 4 calories and they are suitable for vegetarians. They carry OU Kosher certification and are Halal compliant. Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in all the best confectionery shops and department stores as well as Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury. The full range is available at