How to make a Jelly Belly jelly bean

It takes time to get something this perfect.

Introducing a new Jelly Belly jelly bean flavour involves a lot of research: which flavours are possible to capture and what level of recognition will it achieve? While most of us have the capacity to recognise millions of flavours, it is highly unusual to enjoy the full spectrum of taste. Most people know what a banana tastes like, but the kiwi fruit is less distinctive.

At Jelly Belly, we want to make the journey of exploring your taste horizons exciting and delicious. The delight of recognition and discovery of new taste buds is a wonderful thing that you can enjoy every single day of your life!

There are over currently 100 different flavours of Jelly Belly and many more than that have been created over the years. The most popular become one of the “50 Official Flavours” among which are a few icons. Very Cherry has been the most favourite flavour for over 30 years, Strawberry Cheesecake, Green Apple and Coconut all have dedicated fans and seem to be universally loved. Liquorice, Buttered Popcorn and Sizzling Cinnamon have a massive following yet all three are a love-it or loathe-it flavour. At least in the UK. The thing is to discover your own personal flavour preferences and then to broaden these as much as possible. Jelly Belly will make the experience 100% fun!


Once a flavour has been selected, the ingredients are sourced. Wherever possible these are natural but if not, a combination of natural and artificial flavours are selected to achieve the authentic taste. The actual fruit or food is the standard to match the flavour experience and there will be many trials before it is acceptable. Once the recipe is created, several test batches are made. The trial Jelly Belly jelly beans are tasted and tested for flavour and aroma alongside whatever it is being reproduced.

In the beginning, the centre of each jelly bean is mixed in a kettle. While still hot, the gooey mixture is sweetened and flavoured. This hot centre mix is then individually dispensed by machine into tiny impressions onto large trays. Each tray features 1,260 bean shaped impressions and contains corn starch to help the mix to harden. In their trays the still-soft centres are sent to drying rooms to cool off and become firm.






When firm, the centres are sent through a moisture steam bath before having sugar poured over them. Then they are then set aside for a couple of days before getting their outer shells. This is a picture of the heart of a Jelly Belly jelly bean.





Around 90 kilos of jelly bean centres are put into a rotating metal drum called an engrossing pan. As they tumble, the candy makers add four layers of flavoured syrups and sugar - building shells around the centre over a two hour period and increasing their size by 40%. About 180 kilos of Jelly Belly are then dropped into rotating stainless steel pans while having confectioners glaze poured over them. The beans rotation causes them to roll over one another, creating a high gloss finish on each one.





Afterwards the almost-ready beans are set aside for 10 – 20 days. Margarita and Wild Blackberry take the longest to settle their flavours. When the glaze is hardened, the beans are again placed in trays, then passed under a printing roller. The roller prints the Jelly Belly name on each and every single bean, even the white ones. Finally the Jelly Belly jelly beans are able to take a little rest before their next big journey





Special machines dispense the finished jelly beans into various forms of packaging from where they are loaded onto trucks, ships and airplanes and delivered to candy stores and gourmet food shops in 75 countries around the world.




ENJOY! Every Jelly Belly jelly bean is created with the greatest care and attention to detail of flavour, texture and shape. They are made with love and we offer them to you for your absolute personal delight!