Portable power when you most need it


Jelly Belly have created a fuss free and powerful sports nutrition which, true to its own confectionery traditions, is also absolutely delicious.

Sport Beans® A Summary

Energising Jelly Beans Fuel the Body during Exercise

America’s Jelly Belly Candy Company has re-engineered the traditional jelly bean to create Sport Beans - a delicious and powerful formulation scientifically proven to energize the body during exercise. Sport Beans contain a balanced supply of electrolytes vital for maintaining hydration, the B Vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and niacin to burn carbohydrates and fats, and Vitamin C to protect muscles and cells against oxidative damage. Effective and easy to use with excellent portion control, Sport Beans come in 4 great tasting flavours - Lemon Lime, Orange, Raspberry and Fruit Punch. There is also a mixed pack which includes all the flavours.

Extreme Sport Beans come in two flavours – Cherry and Watermelon and are infused with 50mg Caffeine. Sport Beans® are the best portable power® on the market – go get!


Sport Beans The Background

Jelly Belly Candy Company caused something of a confectionery revolution when it created the original gourmet jelly bean over 37 years ago. Packed with true -to-life flavours of astonishing intensity and deliciousness, Jelly Belly jelly beans became a sweet sensation very quickly. There are now over 100 different Jelly Belly flavours. Herm Rowlands creator of the Jelly Belly bean is chairman of the company and a master confectioner. He maintains his reputation for innovation and quality is simply an outcome of giving his customers precisely what they want. He had always known that jelly beans were widely used by sports people as an energy top-up and after much research (and a close watching brief on the market) concluded that a jelly bean formulated to energise the body during exercise would be the next big step for his company. Sport Beans was launched in the UK six years ago. When THE GROCER awarded Sport Beans its New Product Development Innovation of the Year it stated “In a category bereft of meaningful NPD, Jelly Belly Sport Beans stick out like an American footballer in Swan Lake.”  Praise indeed!


Sport Beans The Product

Scientifically formulated to deliver a balanced supply of electrolytes, vitamins and carbohydrates, Sport Beans were designed to deliver the exact amount of energy and hydration to athletes precisely at the time when they need it most.

The flavours of Sport Beans include the original Lemon Lime, Orange and Fruit Punch to which Raspberry has recently been added. Extreme Sport Beans come in two flavours – Cherry and Watermelon and are infused with caffeine

Each 28g serving of Sport Beans contains

  • 25g grams of carbohydrates which provides fuel during activity

  • A balanced supply of electrolytes vital for maintaining hydration

  • 10% DV Vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin) to help burn carbohydrates and fats

  • 10% DV Vitamin C to protect muscles and cells against oxidative damage

  • 100 calories

  • Six great “sport” flavours to choose from

Sport Beans The Advantage

  • Scientifically formulated

  • Portable and convenient

  • Portion controlled bite-sized beans

  • Great Taste

Sport Beans are isotonic, with one bag combining perfectly with a standard 500ml bidon of water, to not only provide a ready source of energy, but also to keep the athlete hydrated – these two factors must go hand-in-hand in any endurance sport. Uniquely though, the ability to maintain and increase energy levels on demand and in the exact quantity required sets Sport Beans apart from other products and is the most likely reason for their growing popularity. They are convenient to use – no messy gels and sticky handlebars, and the new, improved 2010 packaging will be resealable too. Also, coming from a company with an unparalleled reputation for the best tasting confectionery obviously places Sport Beans among the most delicious of sports nutrition products.

Sport Beans The science

Research from the Sports Medicine Program in UC Davis California, showed that Sport Beans proved just as effective as popular drinks and gels in maintaining blood sugar levels and improving exercise performance among competitive athletes participating in the study. Extensive scientific tests were carried out under controlled conditions using a simulated 10K cycle race following an endurance ride.

Summary of the study:

  • 16 healthy non-smoking, male and female cyclists and tri-athletes participated in the study and varied between the ages of 23 and 45.
  • The participants completed a series of four 10-kilometer time trials while ingesting one of three different kinds of carbohydrate supplements (including Sport Beans) or water alone.
  • The athletes achieved 32-38 second faster times in the trial with Sport Beans rather than water alone.
  • In addition, the athletes completed the time trials with the highest average "power outputs" with Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans.

Sport Beans are positioned

  • to compete against Sports gels, which have similar ingredients but do not allow for easy portion control

  • to compete against other sport nutrition products that do not have added vitamins and minerals, or allow for easy portion control

  • to appeal to endurance athletes, sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fast, refreshing energy source


Sport Beans (all flavours incl Extreme)

Typical Values

per package (28 g)

100 g


409kJ / 100kcal

1460k / 358kcal







of which sugars






of which saturates




Less than 1g

Less than 1g







Vitamin C

6mg / 10% RDA

21mg / 35% RDA


0.15mg / 10% RDA

0.53mg / 35% RDA


0.17mg / 10% RDA

0.6mg / 35% RDA


2mg / 10% RDA

7mg / 35% RDA

RDA = recommended daily allowance


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