London, UK,


Jelly Belly Acquires OU Kosher Certification


Jelly Belly® jelly beans have been a popular kosher product for many years, but committing to the Orthodox Union‘s highest standards in June 2007 was a huge undertaking for Jelly Belly Candy Co.


Acquiring OU certification requires intense and lengthy consultation. Every single ingredient and manufacturing process is inspected and scrutinised. There are no short cuts and no compromises. It is this criterion that earns OU its reputation for quality and why so many people, when making their brand choices, opt for OU foods. Although often selected for religious reasons, Christians, Muslims, Jews, those of no faith and atheists alike, recognise that kosher food has a reputation for being more carefully produced and thoroughly inspected than non-kosher food. Anyone who has concerns for food safety and quality, readily appreciate the significance of the OU symbol.

"Seeing how much time and manpower it takes to produce a single jelly bean has been amazing. The company’s emphasis on quality standards for the thousands of ingredients that are needed to produce such a range of flavours is impressive,” said Rabbi Zalman Thaler of the Orthodox Union.

Jelly Belly jelly beans are, free from fat, dairy, wheat, gluten and gelatine and are suitable for vegetarians. Each jelly bean contains just 4 calories.

OU certification applies to all confectionery product manufactured by Jelly Belly Candy Company.